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Cosmecare Laboratoires is the “Private Label” brand designer for professional hair products and dyes

We develop products for every hair type which meet the needs of women and men.

Thanks to our expertise, we can help you develop your own hair cosmetics brands.

Our strategy

For each problem set, we offer a solution. Our various ranges cover all hair products, from shampoo to styling products

They consist of cleansing treatments, balms, masks, elixirs and care creams. Not to mention dyes, a hair styling range and hair and scalp treatment products.

Our "hair" experts give you end-to-end support on all of your projects enabling the creation of a customized product line.

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Cosmecare Laboratoires is your partner for a unique solution tailored to your needs and for fully customized products in keeping with your brand identity.

To set up your project under optimal conditions, Cosmecare Laboratoires is organized around several units, each one specialized in its field for all stages in the creation process

The Research & Development Design department manages every aspect of creation and formulation of your hair products.

The Marketing/Design studio, located in the Paris area, works on the aesthetic appearance of products, their packaging and graphics including labels, logo and the entire visual identity.

Finally, the production unit based in Alsace, which extends over 4,000 m2 and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), will finalize details throughout the industrial stage.



Understanding your request

Analyzing its feasibility

Design and validation of products

From R&D lab to the industrial stage

Marketing tests


Quality control and shipping

  • Understanding your request
  • Analyzing its feasibility
  • Design and validation of products
  • From R&D lab to the industrial stage
  • Marketing tests
  • Production
  • Quality control and shipping
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During an initial meeting, the dedicated Cosmecare Laboratoires team will tune into your needs.

This encounter will allow us to fully grasp your corporate culture and precisely why you are keen to develop a “Private Label” range.

Thanks to this first contact, we will be able to identify your needs and expectations and help you move forward in this process.

The Cosmecare Laboratoires dedicated team will meet up to study the various facets of your request. Our expertise means we can provide you with the most appropriate technical proposals.

They will factor in regulatory standards but also constraints relating to formulations, design and packaging.

Your go-ahead following this study will result in the establishment of a partnership for the development of your product line.

Cosmecare Laboratoires has developed quality formulas thanks to its years of experience and these will be adjusted so as to produce tailor-made products according to the nature of your request.

Our team of qualified chemists adapts existing formulas, creates new products and seeks out innovative active ingredients in order to finalize your own formulas. As soon as the first tests prove successful, they will be stabilized and a sample will be sent for validation, so you can observe the efficacy of the product.

Cosmecare Laboratoires validates the progress of the so-called “laboratory” formula through to the industrial stage.

To this end, it defines the final manufacturing process and packaging requirements.

The marketing of a hair product requires formal validation of the formula by a pharmacist in order to demonstrate its safety. Before giving their stamp of approval, this professional takes account of the results of eye and skin tests, along with the challenge test and the PID (Product Information File).

The “Regulatory Affairs” department will draft the PID for you and ensure, on your behalf, the creation and entering of formulas on the European portal of the poison control center. It will supervise relations between the various test laboratories in order to eventually obtain a marketing authorization for your products.

All of these data will be stored on a CD-ROM that you will receive by mail.

Cosmecare Laboratoires specializes in small and medium production runs, the minimum amount being 500 units, liquid or viscous. It oversees the entire manufacturing and packaging process for your products.

We are also able to store your packaging and handle your logistics.

At each stage of production, the test laboratory ensures product traceability and runs the checks required for batch release.


Pour toute demande d’information/question, vous pouvez nous contacter
du lundi au vendredi de 9h30-12h / 13h30-18h au 06 84 81 50 67.

Vous pouvez également compléter le formulaire et nos équipes se feront un plaisir de vous rappeler.

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